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This group is about writing. More specifically, writing from the heart. Writing that has emotion attatched to it, that touches people.
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A summer in your winter by DraganTheMighty
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Monsters I will Become (Poem)
By: Kaede Draga
In all the years I’ve been alive
I’ve never felt so helpless.
They used my own wishes against me.
I shouldn’t tell her my secrets.
All she does is scream at me when I do my chores wrong.
Then complains to the whole house that I never do enough,
Even when I try my best.
Then she become a real bitch,
By turning around, raising her voice,
And threatening to spill my secrets, break my belonging,
Hurt me, throw coffee on me, disown me
If I don’t freaking get away from her.
She then tells me that she doesn’t owe me anything for my help,
And that “good children” are born to help their parents.
“What good is having a family if they aren’t there when you need them?”
She thinks I was born her slave?
She’s messed up in the head if she thinks that way.
I shouldn’t have asked him for anything either.
He hides secrets from her, and she takes it out on me.
When I ask him for anything, he denies me.
He thi
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 2 7
Poem For My Baby Girl
Poem for my “Baby Girl”
From: Muti and your Mayonaka Family
Baby girl, my sweet little “child”...
Every night when I head to sleep,
Our last conversation lingers in my head
All night long.
Sweetheart, do you realize,
That your pain is our pain?
I know what you think…
You think you’re a burden
To your father and I
And the rest of our Ohana.
Is that why you distance yourself from us?
My dear daughter,
I hope you realize…
When you cry, we can feel your sorrow,
And when you’re frightened, we share your fears,
And when you try to be aloof, we feel excluded,
And when you feel despair, we feel helpless as well…
Your emotions really matter to us,
Despite the fact that you think that it’s a waste
To burden the Ohana with such things.
Baby girl, my sweetheart,
I want you to believe.
Believe that you’re special.
Believe that you’re extraordinary in a good way.
Believe that you’re truly important.
Believe that we ALL
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 8 8
Confession to a wolf

My dearest wolf, how delightful it is to meet you. You think you overtook me by surprise? No, you are quite mistaken. I've been longing for you. Day after day I've been watching the paths you took, the territories in which you hunted, the rivers from which you drank. Why the weird look, wolf? I am merely a girl, you caught my scent. And forgive me for smelling like a fox - our paths keep crossing each other; I am cutting the tail of vulpes vulpes with silver scissors and it keeps growing back and this madman keeps stepping on the same rake. Not my fault, now, is it. I know - you can't run with the foxes and yet hunt with the wolf. But you will make an exception for me, won't you?
You look gaunt, my dearest wolf. You are running with chain snippets asphyxiating your neck - did someone try to tame you? Dupes. Come, let me take that old collar off your fine neck. Ah, stop looking at me in such a distrustful manner. We know
:iconkittycrime:kittycrime 9 7
Truth in the LIght
The light shines down and exposes the truth,
Displaying imperfections from the beginning of youth.
Not to expose  problematic choices you've made,
But lighting the way so you are not afraid.
For change and strength come from exposing our faults,
It hardens the soul or opens hearts vaults.
To a treasure some seek and may never find,
But additional light is there to remind.
That the light which made every living thing,
Resides in each of you welling up like a spring.
Helping one another to drink in that light,
To stand there beside you as a friend in this fight.
For true light that's bright in perfection and pure,
Unconditionally washes away the obscure.
And whether a nemesis or a friend,
The light will hold true and expose in the end.
That it's independence we think we seek,
Yet pride and ignorance keep us blind and weak.
We can not do this journey alone,
At the very least you must know God to get home.
Realizing it is not by our grace that were saved,
:icongarymillertime:Garymillertime 12 7
Painted into a Corner by
                     Painted into a Corner  
by Garymillertime
You pretend to know me,
Thinking all your judgmental advice will somehow free me.
Believing what works for you will work for me,
Never realizing your advice is your own convictions trying to teach you.
I am not you, nor should I be,
Living with the motives and agendas I only know in my heart.
You can't see or think the way I do because we are different.
Instead of embracing the differences by sharing our strengths, you look for weakness.
You don't even know my past.
You told your stories with such enthusiasm, you had nothing left for me.
You must pause to listen,  if you want to hear what I have to say.
Or all you will hear is yourself and stay locked in the reflection of your mirror.
See past what you think you see.
It's easy to critique one stroke of the brush when it has no direction.
Failing to step back and observe how that one stroke changed the whole pi
:icongarymillertime:Garymillertime 7 3
Pride and Shattered Love-Poetry
Pride and Shattered Love
We shook each other’s hands for good sportsmanship
It was a competition between our schools.
You swore to me you'd win
And secretly...
I really hoped you would.
Because your smile is all I wanted.
Not a medal,
Not recognition,
A smile from you.
But, for every competition
Someone needs to win,
Like someone needs to lose.
And in our case
I was the winner,
And you were the loser.
Though most people would be jumping for joy
After being called up to receive my prize,
I felt sadness when I saw your face.
Your big black eyes tearing up,
Your cheeks turning red from shame,
Your mouth hanging open,
Your lip quivering.
I thought you were about to cry.
Afterwards, when my team congratulated me,
I looked over to her team.
She was trying to look happy for her teammates
Who’d almost all won single medals.
But she was hurting inside,
I could see it in her eyes.
Though my teammates and I each had multiple medals,
I didn’t feel proud.
Instead I felt upset that
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 3 9
The Biter of the Throats-Poetry
The Biter of the Throats
No one would believe
The night I was walking down the street
That I heard a scream.
A bloodcurdling scream
Of a woman my age
Pierced my ears and startled me.
I turned around,
I saw myself alone.
Maybe it was a bad idea to take this shortcut
At ten at night
When I’m all alone.
Where did that scream come from?
Should I be afraid?
And I know that I should
Because it sounded real close.
I ran in the direction of that scream
Though most people would run away.
And what I saw then
Would shock me to the core
And change my life forever.
On the pavement,
Cold and damp
Lay the body of a woman
Bleeding from the throat,
With blood pooling by her face
And her eyes wide open, like they’d been glued.
As I reached down to help her
I realized she was warm.
Maybe she could be saved.
But the fact that she had no pulse
Told me that she was gone
And that she’d not been dead long.
Her killer was out here somewhere.
And he was closed by.
I heard swishing,
Someone was
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 6 5
Breaking Point: Emotional Poetry
Breaking Point
By: Kaede N. S.
I’m listening to everything you say.
I bite my lip as hard as I can,
And I try not to say anything back,
Because I know just how terrible you can be.
You always belittle me in front of others,
Saying I have the EASY life.
You know I have to try 10 times as hard as you.
My life is a least a dozen times worst than yours.
I don’t want to listen to you say that.
I can only handle so much.
This abuse is getting out of hand.
My mask is starting to
Little by little, you’re breaking it.
My dark colors are hidden beneath,
And you’re about to rip them
And shed light on them.
And when they’re exposed
I won’t be able to hold that rage
And just when I’m afraid my mask is cracking,
I know for a fact that it is shattering.
And I feel it letting my dark side through.
I feel the evil,
I feel the sin, the
Hidden inside of me
And let the darkness through.
And it gushes
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 2 5
Bleed it Out-Poetry
Bleed it out
By: Kaede N. S.
I can’t take the pain anymore.
Every day, it just gets worst.
The time is now,
The time can’t wait.
To take the razor and mark my hate.
Onto my skin, I rub the edge,
To mark me as one who strayed away.
Let me skin burst open
And let the ruby liquid run down my skin.
It feels so wrong,
And yet it’s all right.
Nothing more than to see the blood run,
That’s what I thought.
Now I don’t want it to stop.
I want to feel the warm,
I want to see the rich red color,
I want to smell the iron
And taste it.
One more time,
Oh who am I kidding?
Again and again,
Let this cutting continue.
It’s alright with me
If I never stop letting it bleed.
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 3 0
MechWarrior: Living Legends: The Novel II :icons7alker117:S7alker117 11 0
Five Dads
Five Dads
In this life I've had 5 dads
A story behind each one
In this life I've had 5 dads
All of them claimed to call me son
The first couldn't control his urges or desires
So he grabbed a women, and by force I was sired
To this day I look in the mirror,
and I see the scars of his past
I was a child never wanted, it was never meant to last
The second took me in, when I was cast out
He raised me and loved me, till a new wife came about
I guess it goes to show
That with affection you never know
What is real and what is fake
Even if a young boys heart is at stake
The third was a savage, that claimed protection and comfort
So my mother took him in, but only pain did he contort
The first month was great, everyone was happy
But then quickly the beatings
Ended every dream that was sappy
As the police car pulled away
My heart laid shattered and broken
But the story does not end
The fourth nightmare must be spoken
He claimed to be a man of honor and respect
But when he was
:iconsanityfallen:SanityFallen 293 108
You can't left me behind!
You can't left me behind!
Since more than two months he was acting like this. He didn't contradict him anymore, didn't agree with him... he even didn't sing anymore! Every single order got carried out from him, without any word, without a single hint of emotion. Even if his eyes used to show his thoughts... But now? Now they were totally empty, all time long. As if his songbird didn't has a soul anymore. Was that little Angel really that important for him? Was this behavior a punishment for him, just because he eliminated this poultry? It had been within his rights! Nezumi wasn't allowed to belong to anyone! Nobody except him! And yet... it was like he has eaten the heart of the bard with the same bite with them he ate the heart of the angel. Stupid, naive thing. How could his favorite slave fallen in love with such a piece of shit? He was it who gave him everything! More than he could ever have in the human world. So why did he fallen in love with this
:iconshadowwolfsera:ShadowwolfSera 4 0
Picking at your wires
You never do get tired
For now you cannot sleep
When you can’t sleep, you cannot dream
Electricity running through your veins
Your heart artificial – a metallic brain
You don’t need to eat, you don’t need to drink
You needn’t feel pain – it’s all what you think
“Is this real or fantasy?” The words escaped your mouth
And I replied “Don’t fret my dear – you’re safe with me,”
“I’ve taken you to experiment on
And now you’re an automaton
But don’t be sad, or mad, or glad
Emotions you don’t need – not now.”
Your bright eyes widened – not with glee
The words that you did scream to me
They all still haunt me to this day
But now, my dear, it’s all okay
Your yellow eyes are beautiful
Your hair is still the darkest brown
And now that you can feel, my sweet
It all will be just oh-so-great
So won’t you come and play with me?
:iconcollector73:Collector73 2 10
Your Puppet
I'm your puppet
Your little doll
Crafted to your liking
Strings cover every limb
For you to pull
And make me bow to your every whim
You, my puppeteer, love to make me dance
Day in and day out must I prance
Moving my hands, feet
To your ever demanding beat
With no rest
I'm not always at my best
Disgust constantly shown in your face
When I can't keep the pace
You are rough
And never seem to get enough
Making me twirl and swirl
Your perfect, obedient girl
During our play
It goes without say
You would lose your grip
And let me slip
With a loud clatter
Upon the floor
Leaving me sore
Begging for no more
But you ignore my pleas
And I fall into your hands with ease
You smile with pleasure
For you know that now and forever
Will I dance for you
For the rest of my days
I shall perform through your maze
Doing every routine in a haze
Never cutting my ties
Or trying to get away from all the lies
Covered in scratches
And several patches
Of blue
I still move as you instruct to
I your marionett
:iconecamouse37:ecamouse37 6 4
She Watches as He Cuts Her Into Pieces
She watches as he cuts her into pieces...
Rich redness
Trickling from the thin lines drawn in her peach wrapping
She can only stare
As the blade slices the soft flesh
And stained
Eyes not afraid
But blank
Simply observing
As he cuts and cuts away
Watching his movements closely
They see his eagerness
To sacrifice
They see the lines of his lips
How they slowly curl
Into a small grin
How his eyes brighten
At the sight of her exposed body
Ready to uncover more
And rather than fight
She allows him to enter
And probe within
Though it hurts
Though it is slowly leading to death
She welcomes him to do as he pleases
And stays silent
Only watching
Always biting her tongue
And holding back tears
:iconecamouse37:ecamouse37 2 0
Jealously struck.
It walked right through the door in tight jeans and a fake smile.
False greetings were exchanged through gritted teeth,
and hollow sounding small talk was made.
That siren sat across her pray.
Flashing her charming smiles with painted lips,
her words were heard over the roar of voices.
They rang in his ears like the sea,
and she began luring him away.
He listened to her sweet voice,
listened until her sound was all he heard.
He reached for her...
His intention, only friendly.
She in turn, gave him a small kiss on the cheek.
And that was all it took,
for the seas to turn violent.
They roared over the voice of reason,
in a passionate fury.
The waters,
filled with betrayal, anger, and sorrow,
took control and never ceased;
The waves, they beat against the shore,
until all life,
all strength,
:iconecamouse37:ecamouse37 2 4


We do have a few rules, like any group... It would be greatly appreciated if you looked them over and followed them! Thanks!

1. No rude comments! There's a difference between criticism and being rude. If you don't like someone's piece, don't bash on it. You can give helpful tips on how you think they could improve, but don't start belittling it. When you bash on someone's piece you're bashing on them. So don't do it.
2. If your piece contains mature content, please put a filter on it. Currently, I'll accept mature pieces. This might change later, but as things stand now, I don't see why I should exclude them. If your piece does have mature content, and you don't or forget to put the filter on, I will note you to fix that and will not accept the piece into the group until it has been fixed.
3. Currently, there is only a limit on submissions to the Poetry and Fanfiction groups. That limit is 2 pieces a week. All other folders, there is no limit. This, too, may change as the group expands. I do expect pieces to be submitted to the correct folder, however. If you cannot decide on what folder the piece should go in, you may submit it to the gallery, and I will place it in the correct folder as I see fit.
4. No submitting into the featured folder. This folder is for pieces that the admin believe showed true heart(feeling, emotion, or however you want to put it.)
5. This rules is specifically for the admin: No one can submit their own work into the featured folder. This is to keep it fair from member to member. I do not believe in giving admin special privlages such as featuring all their work, just because they are of higher rank.

Interested in joining? All you have to do is hit the “Join” button, and, tada! You're in! :) Hope you like our group!

If you have trouble with anything, please feel free to note me oir leave a comment, and I'll see to fixing whatever needs fixing or helping you with whatever you're having trouble with.
Our newest member, :iconthefs: has just finished a novel called The Fallen Star.

Siale was no longer safe for the Watchers; they were forced to flee from the city. Little did Rantil know that his life was going to change forever. He was about to be caught in an age-old battle between the Chalders of Ciameth and the Demons of Dremnor. He was Truaine's only hope.

Join him on his journey across Truaine; through the memories he'd rather forget, over vast mountain ranges and eventually beneath the Phayorian Mountains in ancient tunnels - created when the world was so much more than it has become.

Give it a read! I know I sure will be spending some time with my nose in the pages!

Best of luck, :iconthefs:!

~ :iconmaraqua90210: Mara (founder)
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Siale was no longer safe for the Watchers; they were forced to flee from the city. Little did Rantil know that his life was going to change forever. He was about to be caught in an age-old battle between the Chalders of Ciameth and the Demons of Dremnor. He was Truaine's only hope.

Join him on his journey across Truaine; through the memories he'd rather forget, over vast mountain ranges and eventually beneath the Phayorian Mountains in ancient tunnels - created when the world was so much more than it has become.

The Fallen Star would change everything.

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